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I just hit 1000 followers and changed my blog/store name from Marked Bones to Earth and Bone permanently. I thought id celebrate by doing a giveaway to show my appreciation! I changed my name as sort of a cleanse/spring cleaning type thing. Im going to be moving this upcoming month so this is to new beginnings!

-Must be following me!
-no giveaway blogs
-REBLOGS COUNT ONLY. Reblog once is all you need. You may like the post to mark it, but you will not be entered if you only like it.
-Deadline: 12am California time March 10th 2014
-Do not delete the text, give others the opportunity to join :)
-Everyone will be added onto a random name generator for the winner to be picked
-must have ask box enabled and willing to give me your address
-you then have 24hours to respond
-I will check if people are following me!

Gifts are as follows:
-one brass and glass curio box
-one red fox foot
-hanging moss from the red wood forest
-half a possum jaw
-a coon bone
-a sand dollar
-a hag stone
-a pretty hinged clam slightly open
-a solid stone block podium
-a prairie dog partial skull
-a shell with a natural hole in it
-polished smokey quartz

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The Smiths - Asleep

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Fairytale Food illustrated by Yelena Bryksenkova


Fairytale Food illustrated by Yelena Bryksenkova

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It’s time for another giveaway!

Last time, I did a giveaway for my Etsy shop and the winner got some awesome goods, and I am also still trying to catch up with finishing her customized jacket!

This giveaway is a bit different! Because I work for Hot Topic, I have access to some awesome stuff and my closet is filled with duplicates of so much clothing. These pieces I’ve either worn once or not at all and/or I have a duplicate of it in my closet!

This giveaway includes:

- (1) Misfits fitted dress w/ bright green zipper on the back, Size MEDIUM
- (1) American Eagle Black Romper (Tags attached), Size SMALL
- (1) Iron Fist Skeleton Dress, Size SMALL
- (1) Sid & Nancy cheetah tote bag (from my Etsy shop)
- (2) Feather w/ veil hair clip pieces
- (4) Hair Bands (Pink feather, spikes, black rose, and black feather)
- (1) Pack of Nag Champa incense
- (1) Palmistry guide
- (1) Amethyst stone
- (1) 14g Morbid Metals faux leather strip earrings
- (1) pair of H&M sunnies
- (1) Ouija mints (not opened)
- (1) pair of pink mouse earrings with matching ring (from my Etsy shop)
- (1) pair of Iron Fist Zombie Psychobilly heels, size 7

Also included, but not pictured:
- (4) books; The Zombie Survival Guide, The Only Wiccan Spellbook You’ll Ever Need, Devotions By Dead People, & The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings (all books are pre-owned)
- (1) The Cramps coin purse
- (2) pairs of false eyelashes
- (1) Quartz stone pouch filled with additional crystals
- (1) copy of Pan’s Labyrinth (Pre-owned)
- (1) copy of The Crow (New)

1. You DO NOT have to be following me. However, if you are a follower and you win, I will be adding in other goodies from Hot Topic/Sephora as well as extra comic books. I might also part ways with my Mitch Lucker “Get in Our Pants” campaign scroll poster. It all depends on whether or not the winner wants it/decides to follow my tumblr.
2. You can re-blog as much as you want and like this post, but be courteous! Don’t flood your followers’ dashboards!
3. I will be choosing a winner once I feel this post has a good amount of notes and using a random online generator.

Good luck and positive vibes, babes!
~ Alexis Delacour

UPDATE: Hello loves! I decided that the cut-off date for this giveaway will be February 1st! I will be picking a winner at 9:00am and will be shipping out the items to the winner that very same day so keep reblogging/liking this post for a chance to win! I will ALSO be kick-starting a NEW giveaway for the month of February that very same day since I missed out on Halloween *sad face*, so don’t be bummed out if you don’t win this one! I have fun doing these giveaways and am planning a special Valentine’s/lingerie themed giveaway soon.

Positive vibes and lots of love!


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Alright, my lovely Tumblr folk- it’s time for a second giveaway! This is to help spread word about my Etsy shop

Giveaway Includes: 

  • 1 Watermelon Tourmaline
  • 1 Tumbled Malachite
  • 2 Green Tourmaline Crystals 
  • 4 Tea Light Candles
  • 1 Larger Yellow Candle
  • 1 Green Floral Pouch
  • 1 Random Rock (I found it at the beach)
  • 1 Agate
  • 1 Tumbled Amethyst
  • 2 Quartz Crystals
  • 1 Polished Lepidolite Slab
  • 1 Crystal Pyramid
  • 1 Bag of Seashells
  • 1 Bottle of Rosemary

From My Etsy Shop:

  • 1 Garnet Bracelet (7”)
  • 1 Amethyst Pendant
  • 1 Flourite Pendant 
  • 1 Chain


  • You mbf me.
  • You must look at my Etsy shop, which is where the pendants come from. (Favorite my shop if you have an Etsy account) 
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • You must reblog it onto the blog you follow me with.. otherwise I won’t know you’re you’re following me. 
  • You can reblog as many times as you want, but tumblr might not count a reblog more than once, I’m not sure. 
  • You have until February 15th to reblog, unless I decide to end it early. 
  • Be nice!
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My lil mermaid. &lt;3


My lil mermaid. <3

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